Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand and 4H Retirement Services

Chiang Rai is the name of both Thailand’s most northern province and its capital city. Chiang Rai is a modern city full of history. The surrounding area has a great variety of experiences to offer, including the Golden Triangle, yoga and meditation retreats, markets of all kinds, waterfalls and breathtaking mountain scenes. Chiang Rai has 5 international checkpoints; three on the Mekong River which borders Laos and Myanmar, and the  Mae Fah Luang International Airport..

Those who make the decision to live here can trust the facilities provided by 4H Retirement and can enjoy a full range of experiences. We offer you assistance and support with the many medical facilities in the area.
4H Retirement operates three hotels and resorts, all suitable for long-term stay: Ruenview Resort, Golden Triangle Palace Hotel and Saensukkho Hotel and Resort.

How to prepare





We look forward to helping you retire in Thailand with confidence.


mr choosak w happiness flower
Mr. Choosak Traisrisin, CEO of 4H Retirement, holding the bouganvillea, what the Thai people call “the happiness flower”.


The following links are attractions and resources in the Chiang Rai area.

IMG_6800A very short walk from the Golden Triangle Palace is the Clock Tower and its musical light show!

Markets of all kinds!

White Temple: 12 kilometers/7.5 miles from Golden Triangle Palace Hotel

Fish and Monkey Cave 5 kilometers/3.1 miles from Ruenview Resort.

Mae Sai village on the Myanmar borderIMG_4819.JPGLong Neck Karen Village 14 kilometers/8.7 from Ruenview Resort

Mae Fah Luang University 10 kilometers/6.2 miles from Ruenview Resort
Singha Park 12 kilometers/7.5 miles from Golden Triangle Palace
 Blue Temple (Wat Rong Sua Ten) 5 kilometers/3.1 miles from the Golden Triangle Palace Hotel
Phu Chi Fa 82 kilometers/ 51 miles to  Saensukkho Hotel & Resort
Doi Pha Tang 102 kilometers/63 miles from  Saensukkho Hotel & Resort
Chiang Khong 87 kilometers/54 miles to Saensukkho Hotel & Resort

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