Chiang Rai Transportation

tuk tuksChiang Rai is the largest city in the district called Mueang Chiang Rai. This district shares a river border with Laos and Myanmar. Thus, the district has a number of international checkpoints:

  • Mae Sai Checkpoint, on the border of Myanmar.
  • Chiang Saen Checkpoint, on the Mekong River, with Laos on the other side.
  • Chiang Khong Gate Checkpoint
  • Chiang Rai International Airport.
  • Most expatriates arrive at the airport or the bus station, though it is also possible to drive on roads and highways. Also note there are two bus stations. Bus Terminal 1, also called the Old Bus Terminal, is in the centre of town. Bus Terminal 2 is about a 15 minute tuk tuk ride from the old center of town. The tuk tuk ride can cost 80 to 150 baht, depending on the time of day and how much you want to negotiate.IMG_7242 (1)

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